ArrayComm Announces 5G Distribution Unit Based on NXP Layerscape Embedded Processors

ArrayComm has announced a new 5G DU (Distribution Unit) built with ArrayComm’s carrier-grade 5G PHY and NXP SemiconductorsLayerscape family of embedded processors. The fully integrated solution has been tested with Layer2/Layer 3 stacks, core networks and RUs, to accelerate the deployment of 5G RAN solutions.

The collaborative 5G DU solution incorporates ArrayComm’s BasePort 5G Layer 1 PHY software on NXP’s LX2160A 16-core Arm processors, and the company’s LA1200 baseband processors. To further accelerate time to market, ArrayComm has integrated its 5G PHY in O-RAN environments with RUs, protocol stacks and 5G cores from multiple vendors. The end-to-end solution is validated with both commercial and test UEs.

ArrayComm offers carrier-grade 5G PHY on NXP’s efficient and high-performance Layerscape Arm and Baseband Processors. Combined with their expertise in front haul integration, and in integration with L2/L3 and core networks, ArrayComm offers a one-stop solution for customers looking to enter the 5G market quickly.

NXP’s Layerscape family of programmable baseband processors is an excellent fit for the software-defined networking requirements of 5G. Their collaboration with ArrayComm will significantly accelerate the time-to-market of 5G O-RAN systems by enabling customers to develop and deploy their own 5G NR solutions even more quickly.

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