AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Releases New Line of Electric Field Probes

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has introduced the FL8000 Series of electric field probes covering the 5 kHz - 60 GHz frequency range. From automotive and commercial to military and aviation applications, EMC testing in a lab often requires measuring different types of electric fields that can necessitate multiple field probes. These are designed specifically to help customers meet industry standards and simplify their setup; the FL8000 Series field probes offer a three-in-one solution capable of measuring continuous-wave, pulsed, and modulated electric fields.

“We continue to raise the bar in probe testing functionality and integration to help our customers improve the layout and efficiency of their testing labs,” said John Kim, CEO at AR. “With the unique combination of the wide frequency ranges, unmatched reliability, and multiple measurement types, the FL8000 Series is the single go-to solution for meeting a variety of EMC standards.”

The FL8000 Series offers exceptional linearity and dynamic range performance to enable the accuracy required for even the most demanding testing. With similar operation and Power-over-Fiber (PoF) technology to AR’s FL, PL and FA 7000 Series, the new probes provide an easy migration path, all while delivering the reliability that has made AR the world leader in field measurement.

Key Facts and Highlights of the FL8000 Series:

  • Separable-axis field probe capable of measuring both continuous wave & pulse electric fields
  • Use of laser to deliver power-over-fiber allows continuous operation without recharging or replacing batteries
  • Correction factors from accredited ISO 17025 lab
  • Kits includes all necessary items for operation of field probe

FL8000 Series Field Probe Kits:

ModelFrequency RangeLinearityDynamic Range
FL82005 kHz - 200 MHz0.3-500 V/m>64 dB
FL800920 MHz - 9.3 GHz0.5-800 V/m>64 dB
FL801820 MHz - 18 GHz2-1,000 V/m>54 dB
FL804020 MHz - 40 GHz2-1,000 V/m>54 dB
FL806020 MHz - 60 GHz2-1,000 V/m>54 dB

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