Ophir RF Appoints Spectra Innovations as its New Distributor in India

Ophir RF has announced its new distributor in India, Spectra Innovations. Headquartered in Singapore, Spectra Innovations is an integrated distribution company that distributes IT, video surveillance and mobile accessory products and solutions. Its business spans across South-East Asian (ASEAN) and South Asian (SAARC) countries.

Ophir RF is a US-based designer and manufacturer of high-power RF amplifier modules and systems for communications, EMC, test & measurement, radar and Electronic Warfare (EW), TWT-replaced-with-solid-state products, and scientific applications. They have been in business with various government agencies (US, China) and private defense & aerospace manufacturers like Lockheed Martin, Exelis Corporation, Thales Group, and many others.

With India's rapid expansion in the communication sector and the government spearheading its defense capabilities, Ophir RF seems to have found the best opportunity to do good business with its new distributing partner in India. Spectra Innovations, with over 20 years of experience in the distribution business, has been able to adapt to the changes in market dynamics and also has redefined its role as a key distributor in the region.

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