MtronPTI Increases Manufacturing Capacity to Support UAS and Deep Space Satellite Communications

The LGL Group announced that its board of directors has approved increased capital investments for product development, design and operational efficiencies in existing and next generation products. This investment further increases manufacturing capacity in its recently expanded clean room at the MtronPTI facility in Orlando FL.

Building on the success of their high power Ku-band diplexers launched in last three years, the company is now introducing a high power multiplexer in L, S and C bands for broadband communication datalinks used in applications like manned and unmanned aircraft, on the move and fixed ground stations, shipboard, beyond line of site wideband satellite communications and ground unmanned vehicles markets. This multiplexer incorporates highly selective, low loss and high power handling bandpass filters that provide isolation of better than -80 dB between the datalink feeds.

These investments will further support rugged, high-performance communication links that require full duplex operation in airborne, land, maritime and deep space applications. Recent products including a diplexer/splitter assembly incorporates highly selective bandpass filters and a splitter for simultaneous transmit and receive with full duplex operation, low loss and outstanding isolation between uplink and downlink bands enhancing LGL’s competitive positions for applications with unmanned aerial vehicles systems (UAS), SATCOM, electronic warfare datalinks, and deep space satellite communication links.

The LGL Group expects these investments to support the recent expansion of design resources with faster development of next generation products for spectrum control and frequency control product lines including deep space applications.

Marc Gabelli, Company Chairman, stated that they are excited to make this investment to support the customers’ need for higher levels of functionality and integration while they continue to seek value creation opportunities on behalf of their shareholders.


  • Country: United States
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