6G Symposium to Take Place in May 2021 with Focus on European 6G Leadership

6G Symposium to Take Place in May 2021 with Focus on European 6G Leadership

6GWorld Inc., an independent home for Beyond 5G thought leadership, has announced that it will be hosting the second annual 6G Symposium, a forum established to engage leaders and decision makers shaping the 6G roadmap. Held virtually from May 4 – 6, 6G Symposium Spring is a three-day virtual conference featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, and VIP perspectives around the promise of 6G wireless technology.

Current keynote speakers and panelists for the upcoming symposium include Bell Labs CTO Volker Ziegler, 5GIA Chairman Colin Willcock, and NXP Semiconductors EVP and General Manager Paul Hart, while policy and academic supporters include L'Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), University College of London (UCL), and the Dresden University of Technology.

The inaugural 6G Symposium sparked industry discussion on the trends and roadmaps leading towards 6G, attracting more than 4,000 registrants from more than 2,700 companies around the globe to hear expert perspectives from across the industry, academia, and government. This year 6GWorld is hosting two regionally-focused events to increase public awareness, excitement, and engagement around articulating a global but nuanced vision for 6G. The European-focused 6G Symposium Spring will be organized by the University of Surrey, the University of Oulu, and wireless research company InterDigital, and feature speakers and panels that continue the vital discussions around 6G fundamentals, a 6G digital society in Europe, technology research and design, and more.

Europe is the homeland of Industry 4.0 and has strong academic traditions. The region is well placed to compete in 6G development, which will entail much more technical diversity than previous generations.

A wider range of stakeholders must be involved to ensure communications beyond 5G are fit for purpose. The 6G Symposium is a unique international forum for this debate.

Click here to register and learn more about the 6G Symposium Spring event agenda, speaker updates, and registration details.

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