Pasternack Introduces 5G Omni, Rubber Duck, and In-Building Dome Antennas

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has launched a new series of Omni, rubber duck and dome antennas to address a wide range of Sub-6 GHz 5G wireless applications.

Pasternack's 16 new antenna models include 5G rubber duck antennas that feature a tilt and swivel blade design, SMA connectors and nominal gains ranging from 3 to 5 dBi. The new 5G Omnidirectional antennas include models optimized for 600, 700, 850, 1800 and 2600 bands, N-Type connectors and nominal gains ranging from 0 to 4 dBi. In addition to the rubber duck and Omni antennas which can be used on a host of equipment including routers, access points, switches and other devices, Pasternack now offers in-building dome antennas that include low-PIM models. These fifth generation, cellular, coax-fed antennas with N-Type connectors offer nominal gains ranging from 2 to 7 dB and VSWR levels as low as 1.5:1.

Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager, said that their new Omni and rubber duck antennas are perfect for upgrading stock rubber duck and Omni antennas found on many access points, routers, PLCs, switches and other communications devices. The new dome antennas provide wide frequency coverage, high gain and are ideal for use in DAS, cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Pasternack's new 5G Omni, rubber duck, and in-building dome antennas are in-stock and available for immediate shipping with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.