US Department of Defense Using GreenFish to Identify RF Signals in the Battlespace Using AI

QRC Technologies, a Parsons Corporation subsidiary, is proud to launch the latest solution to unlock the digital battlespace for the U.S. Department of Defense and global allies. GreenFish is a small form factor spectrum awareness offering that exposes hidden insights from radio frequency (RF) spectrum observations through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and digital signal processing techniques.

This technology enables the discovery of both known and unknown signals across the operational battlespace, increasing the force's decision advantage. GreenFish uses machine learning to associate patterns in the electromagnetic spectrum allowing for user-defined signal tagging. The product supports online learning and knowledge-sharing capabilities between connected units, facilitating a system of sensors approach to combat operations.

"The moment GreenFish enters the battlespace, it commences fully autonomous detection and measurement of high-speed-high-pulse count signals providing full insights into the complete digital environment," said Mark Coleman, vice president, and general manager of QRC Technologies. "GreenFish accelerates the warfighter's decision-making processes and increases actionable intelligence and mission success by extracting data, pairing it with a swarm of graphics processing units, and using intelligent agents to assemble the fragments needed for rapid mission success."

As the system learns how to detect new signals, the learned detection capabilities are quickly transferred between systems by minimal data transfer, ensuring consistent spectrum awareness across a larger area of combat operations. The artificial intelligence components extend the capabilities of the mission operator.

GreenFish provides a radio frequency layer to common operating pictures for web-sharable visualizations through open architecture and web-based communications standards. The solution includes AI-based signal processing, low size, weight, and power (SWaP) impact; transferable knowledge base; continuous spectrum sampling and learning; agile emitter detection; known and unknown signal discovery; alerts to specific signals or signatures; and a 3D spectrogram viewer.

A single GreenFish can function as force protection, signals collection, and a lightweight electronic warfare system based on configuration.

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