octoScope Introduces Fully Automated Test Suite for Wi-Fi Router Testing

octoScope, a Spirent company, has introduced a test suite for the TR-398 Issue 2 Wi-Fi router performance test standard from the Broadband Forum.

Customer care calls and truck rolls associated with Wi-Fi are a big pain point for service providers. They are looking for testing solutions that help them quantify the performance of a Wi-Fi router prior to releasing it on the market. To address this need, Broadband Forum has recently released an update to its TR-398 in-home Wi-Fi router performance standard.

Issue 2 of TR-398 added performance test cases for Wi-Fi 6 and for mesh networks. TR-398 is the only standard to systematically and quantitatively evaluate home Wi-Fi router performance. It does this across seven dimensions: receiver sensitivity, throughput, coverage, multiuser support, anti-interference, stability and mesh networks. Issue 2 added test cases to measure the performance of mesh networks, including roaming outage and throughput via mesh repeaters.

octoScope’s TR-398 test suite implements all 17 test cases required by the latest Broadband Forum standard. All can run on octoScope’s STACK-MAX testbed, while 12 of the 17 test cases run on octoScope’s STACK-MIN, and five on octoScope’s STACK-MESH testbed. STACK-MIN and STACK-MESH are both subsets of STACK-MAX. The implementation features a web UI that enables the test cases in TR-398 to be run individually, in groups, or all at once. A printable HTML report is generated at the end of the execution of the test cases.

Test Result Summary

  • Test start time: 2021-03-29 14-38-26
  • Test end time: 2021-03-29 14-56-33
  • Test execution time:1087.29 seconds
Test Band ConfigurationAttenuation (dB)Throughput Requirement
Expected ThroughputActual ThroughputExpected ThroughputActual Throughput
802.11ax (5 GHz, Nss=2), 80 MHz,
Channel 36
Note: For each configuration, no more than 2 testing points fall below the throughput requirement

“We are excited to announce this implementation of TR-398 Issue 2, because this test solution will be of great benefit to telecom operators and end users when selecting optimal Wi-Fi solutions,” said Fanny Mlinarsky, Founder of octoScope.

Click here to learn more about Issue 2 of the TR-398 Wi-Fi Performance Standard.