ERZIA Introduces Light-weight Ka-Band High Power GaN Amplifiers for SATCOM Applications

ERZIA Technologies has announced new high power amplifiers designed for the unique requirements of satellite communication (SATCOM) systems. Operating from 27.5 GHz to 31 GHz, the ERZ-HPA-2700-3100-43 HPA uses the latest GaN technology and consistently delivers an output power of 15 W at saturation, and close to 10 W with an ACPR of -30 dBc under QPSK modulation. The module measures just 131 x 100 x 33 mm and weighs less than 0.5 kg. Power consumption is also low at 115 W at saturation.

The ERZ-HPA-3000-3100-46 also utilizes the latest in GaN technology, operating in the extended SATCOM Ka-band from 30 to 31 GHz. It is also a high performer - consistently delivering an output power of more than 20 W at saturation and 10 W with an ACPR of -30 dBc under QPSK modulation. The module is only 203 x 120 x 41.6 mm and weighs less than 1 kg while consuming just 230 W of power at saturation.

These COTS units can be integrated into an assembled microwave signal chain of a SATCOM system being built or ERZIA can also add up/down converters for a greater level of integration. Both these units are rugged and reliable airborne-ready GaN devices that are able to take the place of legacy TWT amplifiers, formerly perceived as the only solution at these frequencies.

Click here to view detailed specifications of ERZ-HPA-2700-3100-43 and ERZ-HPA-3000-3100-46