SV Microwave Introduces Quarter Turn Bayonet Coupling Based SMP/SMPM Connector Interfaces

SV Microwave, a designer and manufacturer RF connectors, cable assemblies and passive components, has added new connectors to its QuarterBack product line. The QuarterBack® product line utilizes a quarter turn bayonet coupling nut with a locking feature for standard SMP/SMPM interfaces. They are ideal for high vibration and test applications that require a large number of mating cycles with military options also available.

Benefits of the Quarterback connectors include:

  • Zero disengagement eliminates damage to PCB solder joints
  • Low insertion/extraction forces, compared to standard full detent SMP and SMPM, mean less torque on board mount connector solder joints during mating and de-mating
  • Spring loaded positive mating feature allows excellent electrical performance even in extreme vibration environments
  • Low mating forces allow for more mating cycles without failure compared to full detent SMP and SMPM
1221-40049SMP Female QB Connector for Ø.085" Cable                       
1221-40051SMP Female QB Connector for Ø.047" Cable
3221-60004SMPM Female QB Connector for Ø.085" Cable
SMPM Female QB Connector for Ø.047" Cable
3211-60118SMPM Male PCB QB Edge Launch Connector, SB
SMPM Male PCB QB Surface Mount Connector, R/A

Click here to view SV Microwave's full line of QuarterBack SMP/SMPM connectors.