AmpliTech to Develop Cryogenic Device to Accelerate Design of New Drugs and Materials for Quantum Computers

Leading designer & developer of state-of-the-art RF components, AmpliTech Group Inc, has received a development order from Amplify My Probe Ltd, for a special cryogenic probe head. The probe head will be used to facilitate the study of materials, molecules, and drugs for the treatment of diseases, among many other applications.

The probe uses AmpliTech's innovative cryogenic low noise amplifier technology operating at 5 degrees Kelvin (-450 degrees F) physical temperature. These amplifiers have a uniquely low power dissipation and are also used in quantum computing, nanophysics, and astronomy applications.

Dr. Simenas Mantas, a designer on the Amplify My Probe, Ltd team that designed the EPR Cryoprobe said, "The device allows the measurements of the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) experiments to be done much faster by amplifying microwave signals and suppressing source noise. We anticipate close to 100x speedup of the experiments. Such an improvement is highly relevant in the field as it will significantly expand the domain of systems that can be studied by EPR. Among such systems are biomolecules, catalytic surfaces, materials for quantum computing and others."

Among many other possible applications, the studying of such systems has the potential to speed up the design of new drugs (for example, to treat Alzheimer's disease), increase efficiency of catalytic processes in chemical industry, and discover new materials for future quantum computers.

The AmpliTech Group will be the exclusive manufacturer for this product and Amplify My Probe Ltd will be its sole global distributor for a term of at least 18 months.

AmpliTech CEO Fawad Maqbool, stated, "We are pleased to work with the Amplify My Probe team to help develop this innovative new product that will advance materials science and medical technology. AmpliTech Group, Inc. is dedicated to be a driving force and leader in amplifier technology for communications and microwave applications that are part of everyday life around us."

About Amplify My Probe, Ltd.

Amplify My Probe Ltd is a spin out from the Quantum Spin Dynamics group at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and UCLQ. The company is commercializing technology to improve the signal to noise ratio in EPR experiments. By placing low noise amplifiers in EPR probes, it collects and amplifies signals before adding any thermal noise. Cooling the amplifiers cryogenically allows to achieve noise factors much lower than room temperature operation. The company's probes can be game changing for any EPR experiment with weak signals, where the experiment duration is determined by the need to average.

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  • Country: United States
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