MixComm - mmWave Antennas to Algorithms Pioneer Joins the Open RF Association

MixComm, a mmWave Antennas to algorithm pioneer, has has joined the Open RF Association (OpenRF), an open industry consortium dedicated to creating a 5G ecosystem of functionally interoperable hardware and software across RFFE (RF Front End) and chipset platforms. As the organization’s newest associate member, MixComm will work with founding members, Qorvo, Samsung Electronics, MediaTek and more to drive adoption of 5G technology.

As a 5G mmWave RF Front End IC and subsystem provider, MixComm sees the need and importance of an open and interoperable ecosystem. Their ‘Antennas to Algorithm’ product strategy fits perfectly with OpenRF. MixComm will support OpenRF’s mission to improve time to market, performance and cost while allowing for product differentiation.

MixComm is the first company with a focus on mmW technology to join OpenRF. Leveraging their sub-system and unique software expertise, OpenRF looks forward to the contributions MixComm will bring to the organization. As use cases for mmW technology expand in conjunction with 5G cellular applications, evolving the capabilities of an open and interoperable eco-system is important for the industry.

With a rich background in mmWave and RFSOI innovations, MixComm brings unique expertise to OpenRF. The company’s products, such as the SUMMIT 2629 5G 28GHz Beamforming Front End IC, address fundamental challenges that come with 5G mmWave links. By working with other association members, MixComm believes mmWave configurable solutions can be driven to market faster to deliver an optimum 5G experience.


  • Country: United States
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