Spinner Group Introduces Low PIM Test Load for In-Building Systems

Spinner Group, a manufacturer of broadcasting, radar & satellite communication products has introduced low PIM load that can be used for PMR/TETRA, in-building systems, and mobile communications. This universal load provides precise measurements and doesn’t need any adaptor for operation. It operates from 380 to 3800 MHz and is available with 4.3-10 female and male connectors on both ends.

Key features of this low PIM load are as follows:

  • Has a 4.3-10 female connector on one end and a male connector on the other.
  • Handles 2 x 20 watts.
  • Is approved for down to -165 dBc.
  • Covers the range from 380 to 3800 MHz, and is therefore equally suited for conventional mobile communication bands, new 5G bands, and PMR/TETRA.
  • Is equipped with highly robust, long-lived plug connectors designed to withstand a large number of mating cycles.
  • Features protective caps that can’t get lost.
  • Although it’s cylindrical, it can’t roll away from you.
  • Is easy to grip and rests comfortably in your hand.
  • Weighs less than a kilogram.
  • And it’s also compact enough for you to carry it in your testing bag.

Click here for more information on this RF Load for In-Building Systems from 380 to 3800 MHz.