CCI Introduces Quad-Port High Band Antennas to Support 5G Demand Outside Urban Areas

Leading developers of wireless network equipment, Communication Components Inc (CCI), has announced the release of two new antennas to support the growing demand for 5G services outside of the dense urban areas.

Both the new antennas - QPA33F-H2A and QPA65F-H2A support the full and emerging C-Band: 3300 MHz to 4200 MHz and hence fully support the roll out of lower cost 5G services in the mobile, fixed-wireless and private market segments.

The QPA33F-H2A is particularly suited to sectorization of Fixed-Wireless Access systems and supports the extended bands from 3100 MHz to 4200 MHz.

Both antennas use a narrow enclosure of less than 256mm and have a height to gain ratio that improves on existing designs allowing for more coverage from the same antenna size. With 4x4 MIMO support and optimized patterns the antennas are highly suited to small cell coverage areas where both capacity and coverage is needed. Weighing less than 7kg (5.4kg for the Fixed tilt QPA-33) and being less than 750mm tall the antennas are optimized for low impact installations.

Click here to learn more about the QPA33F-H2A Antenna.

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