Fibocom Introduces a High Performance 5G Smart Module

Fibocom has introduced a new 5G smart module with high bandwidth, low latency and strong computing power. The new module, SC161has been designed to satisfy the wireless communication needs of industries that require powerful computing ability and local computation.

The SC161 is based on the Qualcomm QCM6350, which has a high-end Octa-core platform 2xA77 2.0GHz + 6xA55 1.7GHz processor and vDSP (visual Digital Signal Processor). Supporting 5G standalone network (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) network architectures, Fibocom's SC161 module is backward compatible with the 4G/3G network standard. Combining with a 5G high-speed and high-computing capability processor, the module is capable of multi-channel capturing and image processing with high performance and low power consumption.

It is worth noting that the SC161 5G smart module integrates a high-performance graphics engine to allow smooth 4K video playing and multi-channel camera input. The Fibocom module supports a variety of long-distance communication modes as well as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth short-distance wireless transmission technology. In addition, the module supports high precision GNSS positioning.

Fibocom's SC161 module has an open Android operating system with rich extension interfaces such as MIPI/USB/UAR/ SPI/I2C, making it a preferred solution for the core system of wireless intelligent products. The SC161 can be widely applied in IoT scenarios such as smart wireless payment, C-V2X, smart cities, smart home, robot, VR, AR, etc. It is an outstanding core system solution for global IoT applications.

"The mass production of Fibocom SC161 smart module is planned to start in Q3 2021," said the director of product management, Fibocom. "We are honored to introduce the new SC161 modules for global customers, which is an excellent addition to our 5G wireless module family. I believe Fibocom's leading 5G smart modules will bring unprecedented benefits into various industries and business, helping to build a higher level of smarter world."

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