Semtech Unveils LoRa Corecell Reference Design for Full Duplex Gateway Applications

Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announced the launch of a new product in its LoRa Core™ portfolio, the LoRa® Corecell Reference Design for full duplex gateway applications in the U.S. 902 – 928 MHz ISM band. The new turnkey gateway solution enables the expansion of network capacity for outdoor and indoor applications, such as smart metering, smart building and smart factory. Moreover, the reference design enables network owners to increase network capacity while deploying fewer gateways, providing cost savings to end customers when compared to cellular alternatives.

This full duplex design improves LoRaWAN® protocol message response time for applications requiring fast acknowledgement from the gateway, enables Firmware Update Over-The-Air (FUOTA) while processing uplink traffic and reduces the time and cost of operational management of end devices. Full duplex gateways support simultaneous transmit and receive of data, lengthening the downlink window to enable gateways to send more data to end devices and removing the latency experienced with half duplex gateways.

Marc Pegulu, Vice President IoT Product Marketing & Strategy for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, said that Semtech first launched the LoRa Corecell Reference Design for full duplex gateway applications (SX1302) for the China 470 - 510MHz ISM band back in August 2020. With this new addition, gateway manufacturers can also leverage Semtech’s comprehensive reference designs to produce full duplex gateways for customers in the U.S. As a valuable solution in the LoRa Core portfolio, Semtech’s LoRa Corecell Reference Design for full duplex gateway applications improve LoRaWAN network communications efficiency while expanding the reach and connectivity of LoRa.

Features of LoRa Corecell Reference Design for full duplex gateway applications include:

  • Full duplex mode
  • 10x power reduction compared to legacy products
  • Transmit power (US915) up to +27dBm
  • Receive sensitivity (US915) down to:
    • o   -140.8dBm at SF12, 125kHz BW
    • o   -124.2dBm at SF7, 125kHz BW
    • o   -118.9dBm at SF5, 125kHz BW
  • 8 frequency channels
  • 16 125kHz BW LoRa demodulators
  • One high speed 125/250/500kHz multi-bandwidth LoRa demodulator
  • (G)FSK demodulator

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  • Country: United States
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