Saelig is a New Authorized Distributor for Disklabs Faraday Bags

Saelig has been appointed as an authorized distributor by Disklabs Ltd., a premier European industry leader in data recovery, digital forensics, and data erasure since 1997. Disklabs’ unique range of Faraday Bags protects business and other mobile data in a wide range of applications concerning security or forensics. Disklabs shielding products give customers peace of mind with the protection of devices from a wide range of cyber-attacks, hacking, relay car theft, and malicious tracking and data erasure situations. These high-quality RF isolation bags are already in use in over 80 countries, shielding digital devices from the battlefield to the boardroom. Disklabs Faraday Bags guarantee the security of evidence, protect important files, and safeguard key information during transit, whatever the size of the electronic device.

Disklabs flexible isolated enclosures are comfortably sized for products ranging from cellphones, tablets, laptops, drones, as well as larger sizes such as duffel bags, computer racks, and Faraday tents. Custom-branded products are also available for bulk purchases.

Matt Jones, Director and Co-Founder of Disklabs stated that their new partnership with Saelig in the USA will contribute to their ongoing successful growth strategy. He further added that Saelig’s helpful technology team offers wide-ranging expertise to help customers looking for the best isolation products anywhere, with their superior customer service, prompt delivery, and award-winning business principles.

Alan Lowne, Saelig’s founder and CEO exclaimed that Disklabs Faraday Bags are a welcome addition to their expansive selection of quality suppliers. He said that they were immediately impressed with the quality of manufacture of Disklabs’s products. This agreement not only brings top quality products to their customers but allows them to maintain their commitment to introducing and supporting the best products available.


  • Country: United States
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