Orbit Communication Systems Delivers Satellite Communications System to the Israeli Navy

Orbit Communications Systems, a leading global provider of maritime and airborne SATCOM terminals, tracking ground station solutions, and mission-critical airborne audio management systems announced the delivery of an OceanTRx 4 Mil satellite communications system to the Israeli Navy to be installed on the Saar 6-class corvette.

"We are proud that the Israeli Navy has chosen the OceanTRx 4 Mil Platform," said Daniel Eshchar, CEO of Orbit. "This platform is one of the most advanced naval satellite communication solutions in the world. The platform supports both military and civilian bands on a single military system."

Orbit's OceanTRx 4 Mil System

OceanTRx 4 Mil is a Maritime Satcom Terminal, based on the OceanTRx4 platform but with advanced military features. A patented satellite communication system designed for maritime platforms and supports a variety of configurations of 1.15-meter diameter antenna systems, operating different frequencies including simultaneous operation of a variety frequencies for global operation. The OceanTRx 4 Mil system is designed for quick and convenient installation, maintenance and upgrade, combining RF performance and exceptional system availability for security customers.

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