MegaPhase Introduces 67 GHz Flexible Cables for Military, Aerospace and Space Applications

MegaPhase has introduced a new, innovative cable series that provides a new level of flexibility for inside-the-box and small form factor applications. The HyperFlex cables use a solderless connector design that can bent directly behind the connector without affecting performance or function. These cables provide superior flexibility for military, aerospace and space applications up to 67 GHz.

The HyperFlex™ Series cable offers excellent flexibility when compared to traditional solder-terminated connectors of similar sizes and applications. The patented HyperFlex™ cable incorporates a solder-less termination, eliminating solder wicking and enabling tight, right-angle bends directly behind the connector.

Ideal for military applications, including airframes and airframe components, HyperFlex solderless cables are available in three sizes, 0.090, 0.120, and 0.141in, with a frequency range through 67 GHz.

“This patented product represents a major innovation from our engineering team,” states CEO Bill Pote. “It’s exciting to be able to provide such a unique solution to our customers.” The HyperFlex cable is one more link in a long chain of innovations from MegaPhase.

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