Southwest Antennas Introduces Horizontally Polarized Directional Patch Antenna for L/S Bands

Southwest Antennas has added a new horizontally polarized antenna option to its line of small form factor directional antennas. Designed for L and S-band applications, the antenna (Part # 1004-034) has an operational frequency range from 1.7-2.5 GHz with 9.8 dBi of peak gain. It features horizontal polarization when the antenna is installed with the RF connector facing down. This antenna can also be deployed for use in applications where vertical polarization is needed.

Owing to the linear polarization and close symmetry of both the azimuth and elevation patterns, this antenna can be deployed for use in either 'horizontal' or 'vertical' polarized applications by rotating the antenna when installing.

Relevant markets and applications include:

  • Federal law enforcement
  • Military and DOD
  • Broadcast video / BAS
  • 2.4 GHz ISM
  • Unmanned ground vehicles
  • Ground control and UAS tracking systems
  • Border security
  • Covert or overt surveillance systems
  • Vehicles
  • Fixed site infrastructure
  • Rapid deploy networks for emergency management
  • Smart city networks
  • MIMO and MANET mesh networks

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