Pickering Interfaces Showcases it PXI/PXIe RF & Microwave Multiplexers at IMS 2021

Pickering Interfaces, a leading supplier of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for electronic test and verification, announced that it now offers all its RF & Microwave PXI products that operate at 3 GHz or above in optional PXIe format. This includes the recently released 40/42-785C (PXI / PXIe) range of microwave multiplexers that offer a maximum frequency of 67 GHz in both SP4T and SP6T form factors. Pickering is showcasing its products at booth 1841 in Atlanta at the International Microwave Symposium 2021.

Pickering has continuously been introducing new and innovative products each year, and now offers a catalog of over 1,000 PXI products. The most recent designs are being released simultaneously in both PXI and PXIe formats. Because the software and hardware functionality between PXI and PXIe versions are identical, the company has already been able to port several hundred of its current PXI modules to the PXIe format, now including 211 RF & Microwave modules.

According to Pickering’s Switching Product Manager, Steve Edwards, PXI will continue to be an important platform for products that do not require the bandwidth that PXIe offers, and Pickering is committed to both formats with their typical 15 to 20-year product support. If test engineers need a specific Pickering PXI product in PXIe, they can let Pickering know and they will try to accelerate the introduction of that particular model.

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