Mini-Circuits Introduces Solid-State Power Amplifiers for RF & Microwave Energy Applications

Mini-Circuits has introduced a new line of solid-state power amplifiers and controllers for RF & Microwave Energy applications. These turnkey solutions offer excellent performance, flexibility and ease of use, covering all the ISM bands with power levels from 10W to 1.7KW (25+ KW options coming soon). These plug-and-play amplifier solutions are modular and can easily scale to higher power levels.

The Turnkey ISM RF & Microwave Energy Solutions Include:

ZHL-2425-250X+: The ZHL-2425-250X+ is a solid-state power amplifier that operates from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. It delivers an output power of 300 W with a high gain of 40 dB and has an efficiency of 60%. The amplifier is suitable for CW and pulsed signals and features a user-friendly I2C control interface. It has built-in monitoring and protection for temperature, current, forward and reflected power. Click here for more details on the ZHL-2425-250X+.

ZHL-0027-1K7X+ (27 MHz | 1.7 KW): The ZHL-0027-1K7X+ is a 1.7 kW amplifier operating at 27 MHz that is suitable for CW and pulsed signal applications. It provides a gain of 26 dB and has an efficiency of 80%. The amplifier has built-in monitoring for temperature and current built-in emergency switch-off. Click here for more details on the ZHL-0027-1K7X+.

ZHL-0027-075X+: The ZHL-0027-075X+ is a 75 W amplifier operating at 27 MHz that is suitable for CW and pulsed signals. It has 1 input to 4 19W output channels, providing a 16 dB gain at P3dB and an efficiency of 55%. The amplifier has integrated harmonic suppression and temperature compensated gate bias. Click here for more details on the ZHL-0027-075X+.

ISC-2425-25+ Signal Generator and Controller: The ISC-2425-25+ is a signal generator and controller with an operating frequency from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. It supports standalone or multi-channel operation (coherent or incoherent modes), providing a high-resolution control range of key RF parameters and embedded functionalities for end-user applications. The device is freely programmable with comprehensive command language and can be easily integrated with control protocols such as RS422 and RS485. Click here to learn about the Signal Generators and Controller.

These new solid-state amplifiers and controllers provide excellent quality, supply chain reliability and application support. They are suitable for various applications including plasma generation, dielectric heating, industrial heating & drying, cooking and medical technologies.