Saluki Technology Introduce Benchtop Solid-State Power Amplifiers from 9 kHz to 60 GHz

Saluki Technology, a developer of innovative test and measurement solutions for next generation communication equipment and networks, has introduced a series of benchtop solid state power amplifiers. The S3871X Series operate at a frequency from 9 kHz to 60 GHz and incorporate a patented spatial power combination technology. They are designed to provide broad bandwidth, high gain, high power, wide dynamic range, low spurious signals and extremely load tolerant. These features enable the amplifier to be used as a cable test instrument covering multiple frequency bands.

The S3871X SSPAs deliver an output power of up to 500 W and have internal automatic level control circuits that allow the output to be fixed and stable. The parameter adjustment and function settings of this amplifier can be controlled remotely by GPIB or LAN. It has a display which shows various parameters, such as reflected power, internal temperature, operating frequency, etc.

These SSPAs are suitable for applications such as high-power IC test, antenna testing, laboratory use, and electromagnetic compatibility/ electromagnetic interference test, as well as narrower band applications like radar, microwave imaging, and satellite communications etc.

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