Aaronia Introduces EMC and RF Shielding Materials with High Damping Over a Wide Frequency Range

Aaronia Introduces EMC and RF Shielding Materials with High Damping Over a Wide Frequency Range712370

Aaronia AG, a leading manufacturer of shielding equipment for RF and high-frequency applications has introduced a new series of EMC and RF shielding materials that have been developed by using patented high-tech fibers. These shields are ideal for the construction of EMC canopies, drapes, and protective clothing. They have a very high damping capacity of up to 110 dB over a wide frequency range.

The Range of EMC and RF Shielding Materials Include the following:

  • A2000+ provides cost-effective RF electric smog screening mesh for wall render and concrete with 20 dB (99%) damping. It is available in 5m², 10m², and 50m² packages.
  • Shield provides a highly transparent RFI screening solution for windows, clothes, screening tents, medical applications with very high damping up to 50 dB (99,999%).
  • Shield Ultra provides 70 dB RF Shielding Fabric for EMC-tents, protection clothes, windows, military, and industrial applications. It is half-transparent and non-oxidizing.
  • X-Dream provides ultra-high RFI screening performance fleece with over 100 dB damping. It is ideal for setting up screened control centers, bug-free rooms, screening chambers, etc.
  • Mesh is ideal for shielding window frames, windows, etc. It provides high attenuation of 108 dB (E-Field).
  • X-Steel provides RFI screening for military or industrial use with a very high-temperature range up to 600° Celsius. It has high damping up to 80 dB.
  • Shield TF provides transparent EMI shielding-foil with shielding effectiveness (SE) of ≥32 dB (frequency range from 10 MHz to 26 GHz).

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