API Technologies Showcases its RF & Microwave Product Solutions at SATELLITE 2015

Switched Filter BanksAPI Technologies is showcasing its RF, microwave, and microelectronics product solutions at the SATELLITE 2015 on March 17 to 19 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC. SATELLITE 2015 is a leading satellite communications event, attracting satellite end-users representing the telecommunications, military and government, maritime, and commercial industries.

API Technologies’ featured solutions include:

Radiation-Hardened Space Solutions: Radiation tolerant power management products such as linear voltage regulators, point of load switching regulators, and solid state relays, designed for extreme environmental conditions with reduced size, weight, and power consumption for critical space systems. Products are designed and manufactured in one of API Technologies’ MIL-PRF-38534 Class K certified facilities.

High-Performance Filter Products: Space level multiplexers and state-of-the-art, custom and standard high performance filters in numerous topologies including lumped element, cavity, suspended substrate, and SAW, and integrated filter assemblies such as switched filter banks, filtered GPS LNAs and high linearity downconverters.

High-Reliability Microelectronics Products: Design and manufacture custom microelectronic solutions utilizing multiple technologies including mixed signal and power, RF, Microwave, and mmW, optoelectronics, thin film and SAW fab. Specific product solutions include voltage controlled SAW oscillators, SAW filters and SAW-based subsystems, high performance hybrid assemblies, microcircuits, and multi-chip modules for space, satellites, launch vehicles and support network applications. Products are designed and manufactured in one of API Technologies’ MIL-PRF-38534 Class K certified facilities.

Standard and Configurable RF/Microwave Products: A broad line of active and passive components for commercial and military applications featuring synthesizers, small signal amplifiers, antennas, switches, power dividers, couplers, delay lines, and rotary joints, and configurable switched filter banks.

GaN Solid State Power Amplifier Replacement: Providing output power up to 1 kW and frequencies to 18 GHz, these GaN-based power amplifiers serve as cost-effective replacements for traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers, offering longer life, better efficiencies and reduced size and weight.

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