Cavendish Kinetics Adopts STATS ChipPAC’s Wafer Level Technology for RF MEMS Tuners

WafersSTATS ChipPAC Ltd. a provider of advanced semiconductor packaging and test services, has announced that Cavendish Kinetics, a leading provider of high performance RF MEMS tuning solutions for LTE smartphones and wearable devices, has adopted its advanced wafer level packaging technology to deliver Cavendish’s SmarTune™ RF MEMS tuners in the smallest possible form factor, as a 2 x 2 mm chip scale package.

LTE smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are rapidly adopting antenna tuning solutions to be able to provide the required signal strength across the large number of LTE spectrum bands used globally. Cavendish’s SmarTune RF MEMS tuners outperform traditional RF silicon-on-insulator (SOI) switch-based antenna tuning solutions by 2-3 dB, resulting in much higher data rates (up to 2x) and improved battery life (up to 40%). Cavendish RF MEMS tuner shipments are ramping aggressively and can now be found in six different smartphone models across China, Europe and North America, with many additional designs in development.

Cavendish Kinetics RF MEMS tuners have demanding packaging requirements, including the need to deliver the smallest possible form factor in a process that protects the integrity of the hermetically sealed MEMS structure. STATS ChipPAC’s wafer level packaging platform provides advantages in package size, performance and scalability, and a proven, cost effective manufacturing process that supports our accelerating volume production. They have been able to implement their current generation industry leading MEMS-based antenna tuning solution. In future products, STATS ChipPAC will be able to provide Cavendish Kinetics with options for greater functional integration and silicon partitioning capabilities.