CPI Vertex to Provide Ka-Band Antennas for SES's O3B mPower Program

CPI Vertex to Provide Ka-Band Antennas for SES's O3B mPower Program

CPI Vertex Antennentechnik, a division of Communications & Power Industries (CPI), has been chosen to supply advanced Ka-band antenna systems to SES for integration into its O3b mPOWER communication network. These ground-based 5.5-meter tracking antennas, designed for Ka-band connectivity, will serve as integral components of the O3b mPOWER Gateway systems, offering seamless integration and high performance.

The O3b mPOWER system is SES's second-generation medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellite constellation. Based and built on the success of its current generation O3b system, O3b mPOWER is intended to deliver high-performance connectivity services to enterprises, telco operators, internet service providers, cloud providers, cruise operators, governments and institutions around the world, enabling them to complement their existing communications infrastructure. The O3b mPOWER system is expected to deliver the industry's best throughput, predictable performance and highly available satellite networks, and is anticipated to be operational by the end of 2023.

CPI Vertex Antennentechnik is a leading provider of high-performance antennas for satellite communications. CPI Vertex Antennentechik's modular antenna systems are designed to support Ka-band and Q/V-band satellites and provide flexibility and scalability while delivering excellent RF (radio-frequency) performance and high-data throughput. They will be critical components of the O3b mPOWER system, enabling high-speed, reliable connectivity for a wide range of government and commercial applications.

"SES has worked closely with CPI Vertex Antennentechnik to develop these antenna systems for the O3b mPOWER system for the past few years. CPI's 'plug and play' design significantly reduces the onsite deployment time compared to a typical antenna system of this specification. It offers superior RF performance without the need of special tools and training. In addition to being used as our Gateway systems, CPI's Ka-band antenna systems are also a reliable and robust product that can be deployed to our commercial and government customers," said Milton Torres, chief technical officer of SES.

"CPI Vertex Antennentechnik has been working hand-in-hand with SES to develop customized 'plug and play' antennas for the O3b mPOWER program for almost two years. As a global communications technology company, we were able to rapidly address SES's requirements and progress from design concept to development to delivery of the first prototype by December 2022. We look forward to continuing to work closely with SES to ensure the success of this groundbreaking project," said Peter Fasel, managing director of CPI Vertex Antennentechnik.

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