AmpliTech Enters the RF Passive Business with New Line of Power Dividers and Couplers

AmpliTech Enters the RF Passive Business with New Line of Power Dividers and Couplers

AmpliTech has introduced a new line of passive components that include Directional Couplers, Power Dividers, and Quadrature Hybrids. These state-of-the-art components are poised to provide better solutions for the RF industry with their exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. These new products complement the Company’s highly regarded active LNA product line.

Directional Couplers: AmpliTech’s new line of Directional Couplers present a high-performance solution in signal splitting and monitoring technology. Designed with precision and engineered for high performance, these couplers provide accurate power division while maintaining signal integrity. With a wide range of coupling ratios and frequency options, these Directional Couplers are ideal for a variety of applications, including telecommunications, radar systems, and aerospace technology.

Power Dividers: Our Power Dividers stand as a testament to AmpliTech’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions through a strategic Research and Development business plan. Built to handle high-power RF signals, these dividers ensure minimal signal loss during distribution. Whether for in-building wireless systems or distributed antenna systems, AmpliTech's Power Dividers offer unparalleled efficiency and signal fidelity, making them an essential choice for RF engineers and system integrators.

Quadrature Hybrid 90-degree Couplers: AmpliTech's Quadrature Hybrid 90-degree Coupler components pave the way for seamless integration in phase-critical applications. These hybrids excel at creating two signals with precisely controlled phase separation, making them indispensable for quadrature modulators, demodulators, and phase shifters. Their compact design and outstanding electrical performance make them an indispensable asset in RF design and experimentation.

Mr. Fawad Maqbool, CEO of AmpliTech Group, expressed his excitement about the new product lines: "We are delighted to introduce these new passive RF components to the market. Our purpose is to expand our existing product lines, offer both passive and active solutions to our existing customer base, and increase both our top and bottom lines. These products embody our dedication to engineering excellence and innovation. By providing engineers and researchers with tools that empower their work, we contribute to the advancement of RF technology as a whole."

Furthermore, Mr. Maqbool added, “Releasing new product lines is part of our ongoing strategy to become a one stop shop for exceptional-performance RF products. We are very proud to see the results of our R&D investments become a reality. These product lines are just the start of a few more new products that we will be introducing to the market before the end of this year.”

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