Study Addresses Health Effects of Wi-Fi Networks


There is little hard evidence that Wi-Fi network and other radio wave "pollution" is harmful to your health, but a new GoNet Systems eBrief looks at how this pollution can be reduced, to ease consumer concerns. Titled "Are Wi-Fi Networks Harmful to Your Health?" the eBrief looks at the proliferation of Wi-Fi networks and cellular coverage, and concludes that users and others have a legitimate interest in reducing the volume of radio waves.

GoNet Systems is a provider of Wi-Fi solutions to cellular operators and wireless service providers for 3G data offload and Wi-Fi access applications. Its Wi-Fi systems use directed beamforming technology, which delivers more efficient coverage and capacity and reduces the amount of radio waves in the coverage area.

Health is becoming a major concern especially as more Wi-Fi networks are installed in schools. Parents may not be worried about their health, but they will likely think twice when it comes to the radio waves their children get exposed to during the school day.

The eBrief also looks at how beamforming technology limits radio wave exposure. It uses an omnidirectional antenna only briefly, and once it picks up a signal, switches over to directed beams aimed at the user's device. Other approaches rely on radio waves broadcasting in all directions at all times.

Download this Paper here.

Publisher: everything RF
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