everything RF Publishes New eBook Titled “Understanding SOSA"

everything RF, the most popular website for the RF & Microwave industry, has published an eBook titled “Understanding SOSA.” This eBook is a comprehensive resource that includes whitepapers and well-informed articles about SOSA.

everything RF Publishes New eBook Titled “Understanding SOSA

The Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) is a standardized system for designing and building sensors and sensor systems for defense applications. It establishes common standards and interfaces to address critical challenges in defense sensor systems and improves interoperability, reduces cost, and accelerates the development of new capabilities. SOSA provides a framework for the development of modular, open-architecture sensor systems, enabling components from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly.

The “Understanding SOSA” eBook covers a wide range of topics, from the essentials of SOSA to the combination of SOSA and VITA for next-generation defense systems, the role of SOSA in the future of embedded military electronics, and new possibilities for modern EW systems created by SOSA. This e-book is designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of SOSA.

As the premier resource hub for the RF and Microwave community, everything RF has curated this eBook to provide real-world insights into the advancements of SOSA. For this e-book, industry leaders such as Mercury Systems, Spectrum Control and Pixus Technologies have contributed content to create a comprehensive resource for understanding SOSA.

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