Ka-Band 100 Watt SSPA to Replace TWTA Amplifiers

SSPA TWTA ReplacementTeledyne Paradise Datacom has announced the availability of a breakthrough Ka-band outdoor SSPA that is based on a single 100 watt GaN module. Two and four-module models can generate power levels that exceed those of traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) commonly used at gateway earth stations today. With the superior reliability of solid state technology, this new SSPA finally gives operators of HTS and all other gateway earth stations the opportunity to achieve dramatic long-term CapEx savings by deploying high power SSPAs in lieu of TWTAs.

The development of this new 100W Ka SSPA is a real game change for the industry, as until now, there has not been a viable option to TWTAs for Gateway operators in need of very high horsepower. This is the first Solid State Amplifier which can replace that legacy TWTA technology and deliver to Operators a far lower TCO over a system lifecycle.

The Model A2100, is a compact outdoor SSPA that weighs less than 44 lbs. (20.0 kg). With a small footprint and leveraging GaN technology. It produces 100 watts of saturated power and 50 watts of linear power from 27-31 GHz. When packaged in Paradise’s ‘high power’ outdoor enclosure, it can deliver power levels of 100 watts P-linear/200 watts P-sat and 200 watts P-linear/400 watts P-sat, giving customers an excellent alternative to legacy 500 watt TWTAs. This SSPA has a tough, robust construction built to withstand harsh environments and deliver the highest operational reliability, and can be used in applications/markets that have historically been reserved for TWTAs.

With an optional side-mount AC input for SNG installations, the A2100’s broad range of linear power and high output are perfectly suited for high-definition SNG vehicles as well as HTS Gateway Earth Stations that require:

  • Higher MTBFs than TWTAs
  • More robust construction
  • Infinite shelf life of spares