Learn More About Cobham Wireless from this Infographic

Cobham Wireless was formed as a result of the coming together of global test and measurement vendor, Aeroflex Wireless, and leading DAS provider, Axell Wireless. Axell Wireless pioneered wireless coverage and DAS solutions for over 40 years, selling to over 150 countries and working with more than 170 mobile and public safety network operators. The Wireless division of Aeroflex grew with acquisitions including Marconi Instruments, Racal Instruments, Ubinetics, and more recently, Shenick Network Systems, to become a world leader in providing cutting-edge development and test tools for mobile and IP networks.

Cobham Wireless develops advanced wireless coverage and mobile communications systems for producing innovative, cost-effective solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better quality of experience. This Infographic summarizes Cobham Wireless for you - Click to Expand the image.

Cobham Wireless