Qorvo Joins 3GPP to Promote Development of 5G

5gQorvo announced that they have joined 3GPP™ as a guest delegate to assist in the development of key aspects of 5G next-generation wireless communications standards. 3GPP™ is a global group of organizations responsible for developing the telecommunications standards used by wireless networks worldwide, including 3G, 4G and the forthcoming 5G specifications.

The 5G standard is expected to be released in two phases. Phase 1, due for completion in 2018, will focus on frequencies below 6 GHz and define specifications for a prioritized subset of vertical markets. Phase 2, due in 2019, will focus on frequencies above 6 GHz and define specifications for an expanded list of vertical markets. 3GPP™ has identified three high-level use cases for 5G specifications: Enhanced Mobile Broadband to support consumers' rapidly growing consumption of video and other data-intensive mobile applications; Massive Machine Type Communications for Internet of Things (IoT) applications involving very large numbers of connected devices; and Ultra-reliable and Low Latency Communications for situations where reliability, security and network performance are critical, such as self-driving vehicles, medical applications and industrial control systems.

Qorvo is engaging in 5G field trials with infrastructure providers and expects to leverage its unique skills and new role in the development of 5G standards to broadly expand its growth opportunities in wireless connected devices and infrastructure products.

The 5G standard is expected to undergo significant progress in 2016 as telecommunications standards and use cases are further developed by 3GPP. Qorvo's partnership with 3GPP will support key aspects of the 5G roadmap under development by the RAN (Radio Access Network) Technical Specification Group, which is working on specifications for multiple elements within the telecommunications ecosystem, from base stations to connected devices.

Qorvo's high performance RF solutions simplify design, reduce product footprint, conserve power, improve system performance and accelerate the adoption of carrier aggregation. Qorvo combines deep systems-level expertise, broad manufacturing scale, and the industry's most comprehensive product and technology portfolio to help leading manufacturers accelerate delivery of next-generation LTE, LTE-A, and IoT products. Qorvo's Core RF solutions set the standard for next-gen connectivity, with unmatched integration and performance at the heart of the connected world.

This announcement was made by Qorvo at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona being held from 22-25 Feb, 2016. Stop by and meet with Qorvo to learn more.

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