Vicotee Launches Off-the-Shelf Plug & Play IoT Solution

A Norwegian company Vicotee AS has announced the release of Vicotee - a wireless mesh Internet of Things (IoT) sensor interface which utilizes SmartMesh IP from Linear Technology.

This innovative IoT solution provides a vast array of opportunities for increased control and efficiency of physical infrastructure, made possible through the collection of data by sensors that can be located practically anywhere. This Vicotee IoT product is a flexible and complete solution which interfaces with sensor hardware and cloud-based reporting dashboards, where data is analyzed and smart sensors can be configured over the air in real-time.

Based on WATS (Virinco’s global quality and big data test management suite), this product is an off-the-shelf solution that will enable companies and public services to connect with traditional wired sensors over the Internet through a single wireless network. This is made possible through the use of Linear Technology’s SmartMesh wireless sensor network technology, which provides low power, standards-based radio technology, time diversity, frequency diversity, and physical diversity to assure reliability, scalability, wire-free power source flexibility and ease-of-use.

Any operation can now connect a multitude of standard sensor devices using this hardware interface, allowing businesses to transport short technical messages, such as instructions, control commands, conditional responses, measurements, metered data and various other types of information.

It can be used wherever sensors are installed for monitoring purposes. Whether it is building automation, environmental monitoring, offshore, green energy, smart cities, healthcare, hospitals or homes, this network solution offers more than 99.999% network reliability even in the most challenging RF environments - equivalent to cabled network reliability.

Designed as a ‘plug & play’ system, Vicotee consists of wireless nodes, gateways, cloud services (APIs) and web based reporting tools, which can be delivered as a standalone package or integrated into third party solutions. Its nodes are developed for high efficiency and low power consumption, allowing batteries to last for 10 years. These standard nodes will support most sensor protocols out of the box.