Resonant Licenses More RF SAW Filter Designs to a Tier One Customer

Resonant Inc has signed a licensing agreement for an additional three RF SAW filter designs with an existing Tier One customer. They previously announced an agreement with this customer in April 2016 that encompassed two high-volume Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) duplexer designs for filters traditionally fabricated as Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) duplexers. This new agreement brings the total number of complex designs being developed for this customer to five.

The new license terms encompass the development and licensing of their first integrated module design that includes three complex duplexers. This design utilizes wafer level packaging (WLP). Design acceptance milestone payments and royalty terms have been agreed upon, but will not be disclosed due to the confidential nature of such agreements.

WLP (Wafer level packaging) technology packages an integrated circuit while still part of the wafer, rather than the conventional method of slicing the wafer into individual circuits and then packaging them, delivering advantages of component size as well as production time and cost.

With this new agreement, Resonant continues to add to momentum as customers realize the value of our technical design tools, IP libraries and team. This design, utilizing WLP, will meet both the technical demands and size constraints facing not only their customer, but the mobile device industry as a whole. They believe this design will provide a significant competitive advantage for their customers.