Aemulus and Peregrine to Advance High Frequency Testing

Aemulus and Peregrine Semiconductor have announced a strategic partnership for the development of a new microwave frequency tester. Building on the success of Aemulus’s Amoeba™ AMB7600 RF tester, their next-generation test solution will extend its support into microwave frequency bands and enable more complex testing.

The microwave tester from Aemulus is the latest project in a series of successful collaborations with Peregrine Semiconductor. This new tester will not only contribute to growth in test and measurement, but will create many opportunities in other markets with high frequency demands, such as automotive, radar and 5G wireless.

The Amoeba AMB7600 will be upgraded with key peripheral modules which enable it to support microwave bands - X, Ku and Ka bands. This is the world's first true multi-site, multi-instance RF tester, that supports RF, digital and analog testing. While the current version already addresses RF front-end devices, the updated version will enable higher frequency and more complex testing, such as the rigorous testing of radar products and mixers. The tester is currently under development and will be integrated into Peregrine’s test infrastructure in fall 2016 with full implementation by spring 2017.

As the market demand for high frequency products increases, Peregrine has responded with a robust high frequency product portfolio and has set new records for SOI at microwave frequencies. But this innovation must be supported by a sophisticated test infrastructure and that boils down to the right test equipment. The Aemulus partnership ensures that they meet their microwave test equipment needs today and in the future. It also highlights Peregrine’s focus and investment in high frequency product development.


  • Country: United States
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