u-blox to Exhibit VoLTE, NB-IoT and IoT Gateway Capabilities at CTIA

CTIAu-blox will demonstrate VoLTE (Voice over LTE infrastructure)  capability using their LTE Cat 1 module (TOBY-R202), as well as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology and IoT sensor-to-gateway-to-cloud capabilities at the forthcoming CTIA conference and exhibition to be held in Las Vegas, from 7 to 9 September 2016.

Aimed at smart home, automotive and connected health applications, the provision of voice over LTE through the LTE network can be achieved simultaneously with traditional data service. Supporting voice over LTE can eliminate the need for a separate 3G connection, reducing system cost and complexity. Using this approach, applications such as security systems, medical alert devices, and emergency/roadside assistance, all benefit from the additional functionality delivered by voice support, while operating in traditional data service mode. The TOBY-R202 has been designed for the needs of the North American market and can operate in LTE bands 2, 4, 5 and 12 with a fall back function to 3G bands 2 and 5.

Using this approach in security systems, home automation panels and  medical alert devices, enables voice control monitoring from a 24/7 call center with the capacity to take action in the event of an alarm or with the possibility of direct notification to the local police department and 911 centers.

u-blox will be giving a NB-IoT Waste Management Route Optimization Demo as well as showcasing real-time analysis of sensor node data of an IoT Gateway Dice.

The NB-IoT demo will use SARA-N2, the world's first NB-IoT module with u-blox short range sensors (Bluetooth low energy/Wi-Fi) and gateway technology, supported by an ARM mbed application environment and cloud based analytics. Built around a Waste Management Route Optimization use case, the solution delivers tangible business benefits by automatically calculating the optimal route for a waste collection vehicle based on whether bins on its route are full or not. The demo will also highlight how fuel costs, emissions and journey times are reduced.

The IoT Gateway Dice Demo will consist of a number of dice with embedded NINA-B1 stand-alone Bluetooth low energy modules. They are connected to a local network via the IoT gateway module ODIN-W2 and then onwards to the cloud. A web app will pull the reported sensor data into a page with a rendered image of a set of dice on the screen. In conjunction with the ARM mbed-enabled evaluation kit, the NINA-B1’s powerful Cortex M4F application processor enables customers to develop reliable, secure low-power sensor solutions for medical, telematics, control, home automation and point-of-sales applications.