New Capacitor Series for Ultra-Broadband Applications up to 60 GHz

IPDiA has introduced a new series of capacitors for ultra-broadband performance and reliability. The UBSC capacitor series is suitable for DC blocking, feedback, coupling and bypassing applications in all broadband optoelectronics and high speed data systems. The unique Si Cap technology of integrated passive devices in silicon, offers unique performances from 16 kHz to 60 GHz.

These capacitors are ideal for the requirements of the most stringent ultra-broadband applications (optoelectronics/high-speed data, trans-impedance amplifiers (TIA), receive-and-transmit optical sub-assembly (ROSA/TOSA), synchronous optical networking (SONET), as well as broadband test equipment and broadband microwave/millimeter-wave).

Key Features of the UBSC Capacitor Series

  • Ultra low insertion loss (0.5 dB);
  • Flat frequency response;
  • Excellent return loss;
  • No phase discontinuity;
  • Lower dielectric absorption (0.1%) compared to NP0/X7R;
  • Excellent stability over temperature (+/-0.5% from -55 to 150°C) and DC voltage (0.1%/V). Capacitance value stable even at 16 kHz;
  • No AC distortion due to low-to zero piezo effect;
  • Excellent reliability  exceeding  X7R ceramics by a factor 10 (FIT);
  • Reliable and repeatable UBB performances thanks to a fully controlled production line with high temperature curing (above 900°C) generating an highly pure oxide.

These ultra broadband capacitors with ultra-deep trenches in silicon have been developed using a semiconductor process which enables the integration of trench MOS capacitors providing a high capacitance value of 100 nF in a 100 µm low profile 0402 SMT. Thanks to the orientation of pads underneath the component, the impedance discontinuity of transmission line can be mitigated.

The 100nF/0402 UBSC ultra-broadband Si Cap has been designed to serve ultra-broadband markets for customers requiring outstanding performance from 16 kHz to 60 GHz, typical insertion loss of < 0.5 dB and a breakdown voltage of 11 VDC. The UBSC Series provides excellent return loss and unit-to-unit performance repeatability.

The capacitors are compliant with standard JEDEC assembly rules, making the product fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing operations. Case sizes of 0201 and 0603 are also available. These capacitors are RoHS-compliant and are available with ENiG terminations.