u-blox Partners with Digi-Key for US Distribution

u-blox has announced that Digi-Key will be their exclusive distributor for the United States. They wanted to offer engineers, universities, and makers with a Digi-Key account the ability to bundle the purchase of their products with other components they are sourcing from Digi-Key. This partnership will allow customers to more efficiently develop prototypes and get to market faster.

Digi-Key will offer the latest u-blox GNSS and 3D Dead Reckoning position modules, as well as LTE, HSPA, CDMA, and GSM modules. In addition, they will promote u-blox’s advanced Bluetooth low energy and Wi-Fi modules, along with evaluation kits and blueprints.

Applications supported include Transportation/Telematics, Industrial Monitoring, Energy and Smart Grid, Healthcare, Home and Building Automation, Smart City and many more. u-blox products support a wide temperature range, with most of them supporting up to 85 degrees C.

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