Peregrine Expands IP Portfolio to Over 280 Issued and Pending Patents

Peregrine Semiconductor has announced the expansion of their intellectual property (IP) portfolio to over 280 issued and pending patents. Since the Murata acquisition in December of 2014, they have increased their patent portfolio by 50 percent and are on track to exceed 300 issued and pending patents by the end of 2016.

As they further strengthen their comprehensive IP portfolio, they have established more robust internal processes to protect their RF and power advancements. With a company-wide focus on continuous invention, 70 percent of their design and process engineers are directly involved in the patent process.

“Our patent team is committed to both the quantity and quality of our IP portfolio. Peregrine has an over 25-year history of industry-leading innovation, and most of our patents have a large number of claims, which is indicative of the inventions’ scope. We remain committed to pursuing many foundational patents based on our groundbreaking work in RF SOI. As our team continues to move the needle forward in RF and power management, Peregrine will continue to strengthen and protect its IP” - says Dan Nobbe, vice president of corporate research & IP development at Peregrine Semiconductor

Peregrine’s comprehensive patent portfolio protects product and technology inventions for their two business units—mobile wireless solutions (MWS) and high performance analog (HPA). The company regularly introduces products that are the first of their kind or announces technology advancements that shatter the perceived performance boundaries of RF SOI technology. The portfolio has patents granted by both the United States Patent & Trademark Office and by the national patent office of select other countries.


  • Country: United States
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