Modelithics Updates Model Library for Keysight's Genesys RF Simulation Tool

Modelithics has announced a new version of The Modelithics COMPLETE Library, for use with the Keysight EEs of EDA Genesys RF simulation and synthesis software. The COMPLETE Library for Keysight EDA Genesys v16.2 features 29 NEW MODELS from 14 different vendors, such as substrate scalable Microwave Global Models for conical inductors from Coilcraft (validated to 50 GHz), resistors from KOA, ferrite beads from Murata and Würth Elektronik, and capacitors from TDK. Single substrate models for IPDiA’s ultra broadband 0201M capacitor, validated up to 110 GHz, have been added, as well as attenuators from AVX and ATC, a QFN package from Barry Industries and new S-parameter models for six inductor families from Vanguard Electronics. New non linear simulation models are now available for a MACOM PIN diode and transistors from Qorvo and CEL. Version 16.2 also contains an extra feature that allows users to customize the timing of the license expiration notification.

Modelithics provides the most comprehensive collection of advanced simulation models for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices from the most popular electronic component vendors. They offer a FREE evaluation library, Modelithics SELECT+, with a sampling of the models. A more comprehensive trial library, Modelithics EXEMPLAR, is also available by request and represents a subset of models in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, containing all models needed to run the many example projects found on their website and as part of the standard installation of the COMPLETE Library. EXEMPLAR is also available for extended university use.