Anritsu Launches Ultraportable USB Powered Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Anritsu has introduced the ultraportable Site Master S331P, the lightest, smallest, fastest and most cost-efficient Site Master field cable and antenna analyzer. Addressing the market need for broad frequency coverage and high performance in an extremely compact and economical design, it provides wireless operators, contractors, DAS installers, public safety network installers and maintenance professionals with the first pocket-sized headless cable and antenna analyzer that can measure the new LTE-U frequencies.

This portable analyzer is available in two models covering 150 kHz to 4 GHz and 150 kHz to 6 GHz. Its unique wide bandwidth capability establishes the S331P as the only ultraportable cable and antenna analyzer that can support low frequency radio communications environments, including public safety networks, as well as higher frequency applications, such as LTE-U in the 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum. With a sweep speed of 500 µs/data point, it is fast and efficient for tesing.

Leveraging the same user interface as the Site Master S331L, the ultraportable S331P offers field technicians and engineers easy operation, even in the most challenging field environments. It features an Integrated Help function to aid users in making measurements, as well as a Classic Mode of operation that maintains the de facto industry standard Site Master look and feel to simplify performing tests. An Advanced Mode has an innovative GUI with a modern button layout and functionality. Advanced Mode also expands the number of available markers to eight and has six customizable touch screen icons to quickly recall regularly used setups, making operation easier and more efficient.

Optimized for field use, the analyzer has a standard N (male) connector for easy direct connection to N (female) devices, eliminating the need for phase stable cables. This analyzer is highly durable and reliable, featuring a housing that is impact, dust, and splash resistant. It is externally controlled and powered via USB from a user-supplied Windows tablet or laptop, eliminating the need for a battery.

The Site Master S331P provides users with the proven Site Master experience and access to Anritsu’s powerful suite of software applications, such as Line Sweep Tools (LST), Handheld Software tools (HHST), easyTest Tools and the award-winning SkyBridge Tools cloud-based trace management solution. Users can view a fast preview of stored sweeps, as well as edit, rename and archive sweeps, and quickly generate PDF or HTML reports using LST software. It uses the standard *.dat sweep file format and is compatible with HHST, which is widely used by mobile operators, making the solution compatible with most standard workflow procedures.

easyTest Tools and SkyBridge Tools simplify the testing processes to the DAS installation workflow by enabling reliable and quick creation of test plans, fast and accurate testing, and assisting in report creation. The result is less time testing, accurate tests, and reliable payment for completed work. The Site Master S331P is also a perfect complement to the Network Master Pro MT1000A optical transport tester and CPRI-RF handheld test solutions to create a complete field test portfolio that addresses the emerging test requirements of today’s high-bandwidth LTE networks.


  • Country: United States
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