Midea Introduces Cooking Appliance based on Solid-State Microwave Heating Technology

NXP Semiconductors in collaboration with Midea, has unveiled a smart kitchen appliance using solid-state semiconductor microwave heating technologies. Combined with NXP innovative RF cooking components and Midea’s heritage of creating a more comfortable lifestyle for people, this new appliance delivers an ideal balance of quality, precision and performance. With the appliance, consumers can enjoy perfectly heated food within minutes.

The secret to efficient and effective heating, delivered by this appliance, is NXP’s MHT1004N, a low-voltage solid state cooking transistor which creates and delivers energy in an effective and efficient way. The component enables greater control over the heating process and allows the appliance to control energy in a closed loop manner for evenly heated food. The semiconductor cooking method also enables consistent results thereby enabling smart features for internet-connected appliances.

Midea and NXP have been cooperating for years to research and develop solutions for the smart kitchen. The companies have developed a standard system unit based on solid-state technology, which can be used to quickly implement new designs using a flexible, modular approach for future product developments. This new appliance calls upon our years of collaborating and innovating together with the same vision - to usher in a smarter cooking experience into the consumers kitchen.

The new product from Midea is based on the MHT1004N, the latest generation cooking component from NXP. The MHT1004N is specifically developed as a 300 watt cooking device.