Ka-Band GaN BUC for NextGen Satellite Data Communications

SAGE SatCom has announced the addition of an ultra-compact, efficient, low power consumption GaN-based 12 Watt Linear Ka-band Block-up Converter (BUC) to their high transmit power Ka-band lineup for next-generation satellite data communications. The GaN solid state technology allows for lower power consumption and size savings compared to the traditional Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology, without compromising RF performance or reliability. The overall size improvement enables simplified installation directly on the antenna feed arm, without the need for pedestal mounting. Their Ka-band BUC products offer the highest linear power levels in the most compact and lightweight package on the market.

They have deployed many hundreds of their earlier generation 12 Watt Linear Ka-band BUCs in the most demanding customer environments. The new GaN-based 12 Watt Linear Ka-band BUC joins the SAGE Ka-band portfolio of products, which includes a GaN-based 20 Watt linear Ka-band BUC and a 5 Watt Linear Ka-band BUC. Utilizing GaN technology, they have further reduced the size and weight of its heralded 12 Watt linear BUC to a size and power consumption similar to the 5 Watt linear Ka-Band BUCs based on GaAs technology. This 12W BUC measures only 7.5x5.3x4 inches and consumes 155 Watts while providing 12 Watts of linear output power.

This BUC is one of the smallest and lightest solutions in the industry. Its size enables it to be easily mounted on the feed assembly of any Ka-band terminal. It is also ideal for suddenly, deployments on the edge of a beam, as well as mission critical applications anywhere in the zone, can be assured of increased transmission qualities with this powerful unit.