Rugged, Portable SATCOM Terminal to Operate Across the WGS Constellation

Tampa Microwave announced that their have received authorization to operate on the WGS satellite constellation for the X-Band variant of their newly released rugged, highly portable Satellite Communications (SATCOM) terminal TM130 V(2). The TM130 V(2) differs from V(1) by its reduced weight, size and parts count. It uses a single reflector for X, Ku and Ka bands. Each reflector petal is identical and can be placed in any location on the reflector. The V(2) is a two case solution that is airline checkable. Each case weighs less than 70 lbs. The newly released TM130 allows the current users of ManPacks to operate in areas they were not able to previously due to the added gain provided by the 130cm reflector design. All SATCOM terminals from Tampa Microwave operate with interchangeable Modem and Receiver/Transmitter (R/T) assemblies. Communication teams can populate their fleet with common assemblies and scale their capabilities by adding different size antennae kits and feeds. Current kits include parabolic dish antenna from 45 cm to 1.3 m in diameter.

The modularity, small size, weight, power and the ability of the TM130V(2) terminals to operate on battery power gives users the tools required to tailor the terminal package to the specific mission requirements thereby minimizing weight and maximizing capability.