Low Noise Amplifier Family from MACOM for Satcom & ISM Applications

MACOM introduced two Low Noise Amplifier to help customers help customers achieve a competitive advantage in test and measurement, SATCOM, aerospace and defense and ISM applications.

The MAAL-011129 is a versatile low noise amplifier solution well suited to diverse receiver applications such as VSAT, Point-to-Point and 24 GHz ISM. This device is fully matched across the band and provides customers with superior noise figure, small package size and flexibility in biasing options against competing low noise amplifier alternatives. It operates from 18 to 31.5 GHz and has a typical noise figure of 2.5 dB and gain of 23 dB at 24 GHz. The bias current can be set with a simple external resistor so the user can customize the power consumption and linearity performance. The device is housed in a lead-free 2x2 mm 8-lead PDFN plastic package, offering customers a simpler and faster automated assembly with minimal usage of valuable real estate.

The MAAL-011130 was designed for customers who require a fully matched solution covering 2-18 GHz with low noise figure of 1.4 dB, high gain of 20 dB and flexible biasing options. The device is biased with a single +3.0 to +5.0 V bias and the current can be adjusted with a separate DC bias pin or set with an external resistor. It typically consumes only 30 mA and allows full power-down with the Vb pin. Housed in a 2x2 mm 8-lead PDFN plastic package, it offers the industry’s best combination of performance, ease-of use, package size and biasing flexibility with broadband performance for customers across a breadth of multi-market applications.

Samples of the MAAL-011129 and MAAL-011130 are now available.

MACOM will be exhibiting their latest range of RF & Microwave products at EDI CON USA which takes place in Bonston next week and at the European Microwave Week in the 1st week of October in London. You can visit MACOM's booth at either event to learn more about these products.


  • Country: United States
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