ARC Technologies to Showcase at EDI CON USA

ARC Technologies will be showcasing their line of RF absorbers and EMI shielding materials at the EDI CON exhibition in Boston, from 20-22 September. They will showcase their latest solutions for noise and interference control for the RF/microwave industry, including Hot Melt and Wave-X absorbers, as well as testing capabilities.
Hot Melt Absorbers provide a fast and simple way to cut noise by adding easy to apply absorbing materials at any phase in a product’s design and development stages. A wide range of these materials are available for different projects, depending upon application and frequency range. These absorbers are supplied in 6” hot melt sticks, with a 7/16” diameter that fits standard hot melt and hot glue guns.
Wave-X flexible sheets can be used to reduce EMI and crosstalk in near-field applications and suppress noise circuits in RFID and other wireless applications. Wave-X Z EMI noise absorbing materials coat flexible coaxial cables to reduce noise without reducing cable flexibility. Wave-X WT materials blend thermoplastics with conductive fillers to form noise-reducing sheets or custom shapes. Shapes can be formed according to a customer’s requirements to fit over a noise component for effective EMI suppression.
ARC Technologies offers extensive test capabilities at frequencies up to 110 GHz, including measurements of a material’s permittivity (e) and permeability (µ), parameters critical in optimizing RF/microwave circuit designs. Their focused beam system allows for non-destructive, accurate measurements of these material parameters, including reflection and transmission loss, from 2-40 GHz and 75-110 GHz. In addition to electrical testing, their R&D department also offers mechanical testing, analytical testing, environmental testing and thermal testing capabilities.
Stop by ARC Technologies booth #613 at EDI CON 2016 to learn more about their products.