Design Kit to Simplify Design Process of UHF Band Amplifiers

MitsubishiMitsubishi Electric US and NextGen RF Design have collaborated to help accelerate the design of UHF band power amplifiers, with the introduction of the RD01 evaluation kit and associated reference design package. NextGen RF developed the product specifically for Mitsubishi Electric’s RD01MUS2B silicon RF (SiRF) transistor (RD01). This RoHS-compliant one-watt MOSFET transistor is often used in low-power radios, or as a driver stage in higher power RF amplifiers. The reference design kit can be used as a single-stage evaluation board. It can also be paired with the previously released RD07 reference design kit, as a two-stage amplifier providing more than seven watts of output power.

Like the RD07 version released earlier this year, the RD01 reference design kit includes an evaluation board tuned for the 400-470 MHz band together with schematics, PCB layout files, bill-of-materials, a detailed application note and RF characteristics report. This will enable RF Design engineers to easily integrate Mitsubishi parts along with all the surrounding bias and matching circuits.

According to NextGen RF Design, the evaluation board included in the RD01 reference design kit highlights the high gain and efficiency of the RD01MUS2B in the 400-470MHz frequency band. Together with the application note, design files and characterization data, the kit provides the RF engineer a great toolset to accelerate the design process using the RD01MUS2B in their product.