World's First Frequency Selectable RF Power Sensor with Coverage up to 70 GHz

Anritsu has introduced the Power Master MA24507A, an ultraportable, millimeter wave (mmWave) power analyzer that enables simple, numeric, frequency based measurement of RF power from 9 kHz to 70 GHz. It is the world's first frequency selectable RF power analyzer.  The MA24507A leverages Anritsu's patented Shockline technology, to address the growing number of test requirements in mmWave applications, including test of 802.11ad, Wireless HD, and E-band products, at every stage of the product lifecycle.

As signal frequency increases, attenuation due to the air and cabling grows, which can make power measurements particularly difficult at mmWave frequencies. This analyzer's ultraportable size overcomes this challenge by enabling users to place it directly at the signal source. It can even be used for on-wafer measurements. When system losses are unavoidable, it can make measurements as low as -90 dBm at 70 GHz, making it a superior alternative to large benchtop instruments, which can be difficult to manage in the field. This USB-powered device, measures approximately 6×3×1 (inches) and weighs less than 15 oz. – making it a little bigger than a smartphone. It is so small and light that it can easily be used to make measurements on antenna towers or with an extension pole to measure small cell signals from the ground.

The Power Master MA24507A enables frequency selective power measurements, making it possible for users to differentiate intended signals from unintended signals. With spans from 1 kHz to full span over the entire frequency range, this device can zero in on a signal of interest in harsh environments, including those with unintended signals that can impact power readings. This enables measurements such as channel power and adjacent channel power to be made, while avoiding spurs and harmonics.

Unlike many other power measurement instruments, no reference calibration is required. The power analyzer can stay connected to a test system constantly, eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect it between test procedures. In tests where the extreme accuracy of a traditional power meter is not required, unintended signals may be present, or low-level power measurements are required, it is the ideal instrument. 

Anritsu has added features to PowerXpert™ to optimize the performance of the Power Master MA24507A. Included in the enhancements are a Power Hunter mode to easily identify the six highest CW amplitudes and their corresponding frequency, and a Channel Monitor mode so users can select up to six frequency channels and monitor their CW amplitude or channel power simultaneously. It can be controlled remotely via the USB interface or through their PowerXpert™ data analysis and control software.

This mmWave power analyzer is the second instrument in the new class of ultraportable instruments from Anritsu, succeeding the Site Master™ S331P ultraportable cable and antenna analyzer introduced earlier this month.


  • Country: United States
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