Channel Emulator Efficiently Verifies the Performance of LTE Hotspots

Keysight Technologies announced that they have added new capabilities to their Propsim F32 channel emulator. These capabilities enable manufacturers and mobile operators to efficiently verify the performance of devices and network equipment with LTE-Hotspots and Indoor (LTE-Hi) small cell and LTE-Licensed Assisted Access (LTE-LAA) dual connectivity technology support. LTE-LAA was first introduced in 3GPP Release 13 and is part of LTE Advanced Pro. Their LTE-Hi small cell test scenarios were developed in collaboration with China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

Keysight have equipped the Propsim F32 channel emulator with a flexible integrated LTE interference source, which facilitates straightforward and efficient LTE-LAA and HetNet small cell technology performance testing. In conjunction with unrivalled Propsim F32 multi-link capability and up to 6 GHz band support, it allow users to assess all existing, as well as planned, LTE-LAA Carrier Aggregation and Wi-Fi-offloading field deployment scenarios.

Propsim's new LTE-Hi channel model package, together with their integrated interference capability, enables customers to verify the performance of devices and network infrastructure equipped with TDD-based LTE-Hi. This results in an enhanced end-user experience in hotspots and indoor environments.